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Alone, Without Rosco

I’ve had my four legged friend Rosco for 8 years now.  I adopted him from a shelter in Eagle, Colorado.  He’s a blue heeler and border collie mix.  He’s been with me through the good times and the bad times…. Continue Reading →

Am I Failing Enough?

We’ve all heard different reasons about the importance of failure.  So I am asking myself “Am I Failing Enough?”  I personally don’t think I am.  Somehow I think I should be challenging myself more.  I know it sounds crazy because… Continue Reading →

Could’ve Said “Passing”

It’s a beautiful day out here in the Midwest.  I woke up early and did my chores around the house.  I knew I had to go for about a 3 hour bike but I didn’t want to leave too early…. Continue Reading →

The Trouble Is, You Think You Have Time

I don’t care who said it; Buddha, Saint Nick, or Rachael Ray.  For me it’s a very meaningful quote.  The impact of dying had not truly registered for me until the day I found out my brother had suddenly passed… Continue Reading →

Breakfast With Dr. Ron and Kinney

While on a bike ride in early November with my friend Kinney I mentioned that I had been having headaches for the last few months.  I suspected I had screwed up the alignment of my neck during my flights to and… Continue Reading →

Hopes, Fears, and Everything in Between

In 2 weeks I’ll hop in a rental car, drive east, and make my way to Jacksonville, North Carolina.  I’m getting ready to participate in the first ever American Trail Race.  I’m super excited.  I’ve never taken on such an… Continue Reading →

The First Time I Ever Missed the Ocean

As I rode along the banks of the Mississippi River today I realized how fortunate I am to live near the The Mighty Mississippi.  It is 3,903 miles long making it the fourth longest river in the world.  The first… Continue Reading →

Enjoying The Moment

In less than 3 weeks I’ll be departing for The American Trail Race.  I should probably be more nervous than I currently am.  But my mind won’t let me be.  It has a way of calming me down by repeating… Continue Reading →

When things go wrong, for all the right reasons.

It’s the end of February in the Midwest.  After an unseasonably warm week of temperatures into the seventies it seems Mother Nature has settled back to reality with a more typical forecast for the upcoming weekend.   Highs will be in… Continue Reading →

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