Winter training in the Midwest.

Right now I’m in the middle of training.  No real big adventures to speak of, just small micro adventures on a weekly basis.  I’m training to reach my goals listed below.


Photo courtesy of Gravel Gran 500

  1.  Complete the Gravel Gran 500 in under 40 hours.  This is a charity event hosted by Invictus Cycling and St. Joseph Health to race money for cancer research.  It begins March 1st in Bryon, Texas.  It is now in the 4th year of being hosted and could have upwards to 50 riders.  Of course local legend and race organizer BIlly Rice will be there, and also the current record holder.  The record right now is 44 hours.  If you’d like more information on the race click the following link.  Instead of doing a GoFundMe for this race I’m looking into getting a direct link for anyone who would like to donate directly to St. Joseph Health.  I’ll also post the TrackLeaders page link so you can follow all of the action.


2.  Complete the Trans Am Bike Race in under 17 days.  The Trans AM Bike Race is a 4300 self supported cycling race across the United States.  It starts in Astoria, Orgeon and finishes in Yorktown, Virginia. This is a somewhat interesting goal and race for me.  The goal of coming in under 17 days would beat the current record.  This record is held by Evan Deutsch who has endured the Race three times now.  Each time getting faster and smarter.  It’s next to impossible for someone with my pedigree, or lack there of, to compete with that type of experience.  It’s also an interesting goal because it’s road cycling.  I’m learning road cycling is much different than mountain biking.  There is a whole new set of dangers presented as well as a whole system of being efficient on the bicycle.  I’m actually nervous for this race.  There will likely be over 100 cyclist out there shooting for that glorious finish line as well.  What will separate me from them?  For this event I have not yet chosen a charity to ride for.  When I do, I’ll have that information posted as well.  Anyone interested in further details about the race can follow the link below.

Trans Am Bike Race


In September I will be travelling to Vietnam with my lifelong friend Jay Grimes.  Wee are still working out the finer details, but I’m over joyed to be heading back to South East Asia.