My name is Indiana Schulz

I am an aspiring bikepacker.  I’m a travel junkie.  I’m a kid at heart.

Ever since I was a wee lad I’ve been drawn to adventure.  I enjoyed climbing things, playing in rain puddles, and occasionally getting lost in the woods at my parents expense.  Later on in life I was asked what I wanted to be.  I replied ‘happy’.  I know, cliche.  It has been a long journey to discover what true happiness means.  I’ve found happiness to be an ever changing feeling, moment, or expression.  In a sense my happiness is like an organism experiencing evolution.

Running towards the Mtns, Circa ’02, Arapaho National Forest

My current loves in life are bikepacking, and exploring the world.  My first ever bikepacking race was the inaugural American Trail Race in 2017.  I chose that race for many reasons.  There were very few people signed up for it.  It was the was the first year, and the challenges would be mostly unknown.  It was also 5200 miles long.

My end goal is to travel around the world on two wheels.  I hope one day to be a photo journalist and to share my travel experiences with the world.  Along the way I hope to raise money for various charities, organizations, and people in need.  I hope to leave the world a better place when my time has expired.

Sunset in the Philippines, Circa ’14