As I make my last minute preparations for the race I wanted to take a minute to express the pure excitement heading into this event.  Mike and I were heading to the lodge yesterday and we saw another person with a bikepacking rig.  We all excitedly dropped our bikes on the ground and started talking about the race.  It was a blast.  He was staying at the same lodge and he knew of another rider who was arriving later.  We made plans to go out for dinner and beers.

Later that evening Mike, Rob from England, Mark from Delaware, and I caught an uber to a restaurant down the road.  After ordering food and drinks the discussion quickly turned to our excitement for the race.  We talked about how completely badass it will be to compete in the inaugural American Trail Race.  The race and amenities on course are wildly unknown.  We all had the same feeling of this added challenge really just making it that much more of an adventure.  You can tell by our smiles and laughter how great these guys are and in general how great the bikepacking.  I had such a great time listening to all the cool shit these other three guys have done.  I did come to realize that I was the only one who hadn’t ridden the Tour Divide.  But I’m not bothered by that.  In fact hearing their stories solidified my choice to do it in a few years down the road.

So that’s it for now folks.  The race starts tomorrow and I hope you all enjoy following us on the track leaders web page.

Here is the link