Yay, my race is coming up.  I’ve talked with enough people that I feel I have a fairly good understanding of what I’m about to get myself into.  Maybe not.  Either way I’m going and nothing can stop me now.  Throughout my conversations with people many have asked when I decided to do this race.  I said it was a spur of the moment choice.  For many people that was kind of off the wall.  For me it sounded like a great adventure and rarely can I say no to an adventure.

What I have come to discover is that although I will jump at the chance to go on an adventure there are other things that I cringe at.  Talking this over with one of my friends I mentioned how another friend of mine does this really cool thing she invented called rejection month.  The premise is simple.  Every day for one month she goes out does things she is almost sure that she will be rejected for.  They are usually goofy and fun things such as asking a random stranger on the street if you can wear their shoes for a mile.  Or asking the person at Starbucks if they will let you get behind the counter and make your own coffee.  Asking a police officer if you can sit in the front seat for a day with him.

I like this rejection month for a lot of different reasons.  One it teaches you to handle rejection really well.  I think most of us tend to lean towards things that are safe and less likely to cause rejection.  Or we flat out avoid certain situations that are likely to cause a rejection.  I believe we do this without even knowing it.  Our subconscious trying to protect us.  And that’s a shame.  We need to be able to handle rejection.  We  need to go out there and take risks and be fearless.

It also opens up the possibility of “what if”.  The biggest surprise my friend had during rejection month was that some of the ridiculous ideas she had actually worked.  She was able to do so many cool things simply because she was not afraid of the rejection.  Now I don’t think she ever got to fly a plane but you get the idea.  You never know what may come of your pursuits.

I also think that I would enjoy the social interaction part of this as well.  It allows you to be more comfortable talking to strangers.  I’m sure some great conversations would come as a result of these interactions.  I mean if a stranger comes up to me and asks me to swap out shoes for a mile in the name of research I might say yes.  It can be fun and exciting albeit a bit nerve racking getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people.

The case I used with my friend was that although I am comfortable signing up for a 5100 mile race without blinking an eye I am completely terrified of talking to random women.  There happens to be a women where I shop frequently.  She’s tall with short brown hair and has a wonderful smile.  And that is all I know about her.  I may or may not have a crush on her but it’s not like I want to go up and hit on her.  I would just like to have a conversation with her.  But I make up all sorts excuses like she’s at work, this is not what normal people do, what if I make her feel uncomfortable, so on and so forth.  Who knows.  Definitely not me because I’m afraid of that rejection.  It’s better just left alone I tell myself.

So when I return from my trip I shall begin rejection club.  Once a week I’ll put myself in a situation where I’m almost sure to be rejected.  I can hardly wait.  I think it will be a great learning experience for me.  Maybe I’ll start by asking this women her name.  Hahaha, I have to start somewhere.


As Sylia Plath once said, “I love my rejection slips.  They show me I tried.”.