Remember those days in school before a holiday week off.  Monday wasn’t so bad.  You knew that you only had to make it through Friday for that glorious week off from homework, teachers, and that rough life of waking up early.  In fact it may have even felt like the greatest Monday ever.

Tuesday’s here now.  Not much to report on Tuesday.  Excitement levels have risen but you’re still aware of the work ahead and it’s only Tuesday.

Wednesday.  You have reached the halfway point.  A small victory in your book.  You start to become aware though that the clocks are moving slower.  Could this be true?  You swear that it is.  The entire school is starting to buzz with energy for the upcoming holiday.

Thursday.  My word, why isn’t it Friday yet?  Are you sure it isn’t Friday yet?  Why am I still doing homework?  It doesn’t make any sense.  Vacation is almost here.  Doesn’t my teacher know this?  What’s the point?  I can’t focus on anything right now.

Friday.  It feels like the best day of your life.  But after only an hour it’s becoming the longest day of your life.  You’re heart rate has slightly risen and you’re palms are sweaty.  The minute hand on the clock just moved backwards.  This can’t be happening.   You’re so close yet so far away.  Oh the agony.  You’re in complete desperation.  The tension and excitement in the hallways so thick you can hardly breathe.  This school day will never end.  You must stay strong.  You remind yourself of all cool stuff you’ll get to do next week.  Getting to load up the car and hit the open has always been a favorite of yours.  You think of all the fish you’re going to catch and how you’ll break 2 state records.  One for walleye and one for northern pike.  And then it sounds.  Amidst you’re daydreaming the clock has been ticking away however agonizingly slowly as it may be.

You run out of the classroom.  The whole school is in a riot of celebration.  The holiday begins.

And this is how my week is going.