First off let me apologize if you’ve found yourself here thinking that you’ll be reading about some amazing transcendent experience I had at Burning Man.  Secondly let me apologize if anything I say about Burning Man offends you.  I’ve known many people that love the place and the experience.  This article is geared towards a certain phrase.

Many many years ago I was working at a restaurant in Colorado and taking care of 3 customers late in the evening.  They had just returned from the Burn in the desert of Nevada.  At the time I had no idea what that was.  They obviously had a life changing experience out there in the desert.  They proclaimed that I absolutely had to go there.  Like book a ticket as soon as I could.  I was immediately put off by this.  I can’t stand it when people proclaim “You have to do this or You have go to that.”  And that was pretty much all they talked to me about for the rest of their diner.  Burn this Burn that.  That’s great and all but as I said, I don’t cope well with people telling me “You have to” anything.  Never once did they ask me if I was at all interested in their idea of a perfect vacation.

I get it.  They were all hyped up on there experience.  That’s completely fine.  Life is about going out and finding who you are by seeing new things, enjoying or not enjoying new places, meeting people from different backgrounds with different perspectives.  That’s a part of defining who we are and what we want out of life.  But please lay off the phrase “You have to”.

A lot of crap I do people really have no desire or want to do.  It would be entirely presumptuous for me to start telling strangers they have to do random shit.  I believe people can do whatever makes them happy as long as they cause no harm and are respectful.  I won’t tell you that though.

And that’s my rant for the day.