I’ve had my four legged friend Rosco for 8 years now.  I adopted him from a shelter in Eagle, Colorado.  He’s a blue heeler and border collie mix.  He’s been with me through the good times and the bad times.  I’m not sure I’ve ever loved a dog more.  He’s  loves affection and snuggling.

I woke up the other day and immediately felt alone.  Then remembered that my parents had taken him up to North Dakota with them.  I’m fortunate to have such great parents to foster my dog while I go on my crazy adventures.  It’s kind of absurd how much I miss him though.  They said he’s doing well and refuses to leave my dad’s side.  I guess he even snuck up on the bed the other night and cuddled between them.  I think they probably enjoy his company as much as I do.  He’ll have a whole lake to go swimming in up there and I’m sure he’ll enjoy going fishing on the pontoon boat.  If he’s lucky he might even get to go to ‘Ye Old Malt Shoppe’ on the main street in Garrison, ND.


Look at this little nugget!!