We’ve all heard different reasons about the importance of failure.  So I am asking myself “Am I Failing Enough?”  I personally don’t think I am.  Somehow I think I should be challenging myself more.  I know it sounds crazy because in 2 weeks I’ll be heading out for a 5100 mile self supported bike race.  I often wonder if maybe I could be pushing myself more during training.

During training today I had a moment where I couldn’t push any harder.  I was doing push presses and was on my second rep of 15.  I got to 11 an my shoulders felt like they where going to explode and give out.  I did one more and then put the bar back on the rack.  I was pissed.  I failed.  I stopped.  In the back of my head I kept thinking I couldn’t do anymore.  At this very moment I’m still not sure if I was protecting myself from getting injured this close to the race, giving up mentally, or if I really had found my limit.  Either way it was shitty feeling.  But as I walked away with searing pain in both of my shoulders I kind of smiled.  I recognized immediately that I would grow from this experience.  And grow I shall.