While on a bike ride in early November with my friend Kinney I mentioned that I had been having headaches for the last few months.  I suspected I had screwed up the alignment of my neck during my flights to and from the Lock’n Music Festival.  I had literally passed out in the worst position both times, probably drooling on whatever unfortunate soul had been seated next to me.  It didn’t help that the music festival was less than a week after I had completed back to back 100 milers in the Leadman Series.  Throw in 4 days at music festival, sleeping very little in an RV, and trying to keep up with my friends seemingly nonstop energy and my body was leveled.  Somehow my neck got the short end of the stick.

Don’t worry, my whine fest has a silver lining.  Kinney immediately recommended I go see his chiropractor Dr. Ron Buracker.  I told him I had thought about seeing a chiro in Vail but it was going to cost me $100 per visit.  I simply couldn’t afford that kind of medicine.  He said Ron was super reasonable and I should definitely let him take a look at it.  I took his phone number and rang him the next day.  Kinney had told me some stories about Ron and he sounded like a really great person overall.

So I made my way out to go see him the next Friday afternoon.  I walked in to his office and was immediately greeted with a huge smile and a friendly face.  We shook hands and started to talk about my headaches.  I went back to the adjustment room and he was telling me of a few different reasons why I may be having the headaches.  He rubbed a spot near the base of the skull where there are two large clusters of nerve endings.  Holy crap.  It shot a pain through my head that was exactly like my headaches.  We were already making progress.  I had my adjustment and we made small talk as I set up my next appointment.  At my next appointment Ron started talking about how had flown C-5 planes during the Vietnam War.  This immediately opened up a whole avenue of conversation about our separate adventures in South East Asia.  I shared some of my stories from my travels over in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines.  He told me some fascinating stories about Vietnam.  We sat there and talked for over 30 minutes.  We scheduled my next appointment to coincide with Kinney’s so that we could all go out to breakfast.

I came out the following week with Kinney.  We all made some coffee and started chatting about pretty much anything and everything.  One minute we would be talking about science and asteroids while the next minute would be about the 70’s and free love.  The conversation would drift into philosophy and then make it’s way over to how astronauts space suits are made.  This is what Dr. Ron refers to as “solving the world’s problems”.  Eventually Kinney and I get our adjustments and we all headed a few blocks down to Brothers’s Cafe for breakfast.  Now it’s worth noting that Brother’s Cafe has some of the best and reasonably priced breakfast food you could ever hope for.  We grab a booth and some coffees and our conversation continues without skipping a beat.  I feel like Dr. Ron is a local celebrity.  There must have been 5 people who came up to say hi and see how he was getting along.  After we finish breakfast and talking we’ve been at the cafe for over an hour.  It seemed timeless to me though because of the flow of the conversation.  After we settled up and pay we schedule a visit for a few weeks out.


Dr. Ron, Kinney, and myself enjoying ourselves.

And that is how breakfast with Dr. Ron came about.  Every time I see Ron he has a smile on his face and something interesting to tell you.  He’s fascinated by all the cool toys these days like fat bikes, air charged po-go sticks, 4 k TV’s.  You name it.  He’s one hell of a listener and he usually has a perspective on things that you haven’t even thought about.  I feel like with all of his stories he’s been around the world at least 5 times.  Just his stories from being a C-5 pilot can entertain you for days.  At his age most people have retired already.  But he chooses not to because he simply loves to help people too much.  I secretly think he would miss all the good conversation he has with his patients as well.   The days I get to go hang out with Ron and Kinney, solving the world’s problems, have become some of my favorite day.  I feel super fortunate that I’ve come to know Dr. Ron so well.  Also my headaches have completely subsided.