In less than 3 weeks I’ll be departing for The American Trail Race.  I should probably be more nervous than I currently am.  But my mind won’t let me be.  It has a way of calming me down by repeating those silly sayings you sometimes see in memes.  Such as “Do Your Best” or “What Will Be Will Be” or even “Make Tacos, Not War”.  All of that is good and joyful but what I’m really excited to see is what I consider my real mental progress.  In spite of dedicating the last 8 months of my life, day in and day out, to this trip I’m continually reminding myself to enjoy the moment.  When I start to think about all the “What ifs” and the “Should I Bring This” I stop and tell myself to relax.  It’s not even race day.  I stop, take a deep breath, look at what is around me, and carry on.  I can only deal with life’s problems if I’m completely immersed in the moment.  And I believe that is a good sign for the race.  I believe there will be days when all I’ll want is to give up.  All I’ll want is to sleep in a real bed.  All I’ll want is to be anywhere but where I am.  And if that happens, then I will be missing out on the whole experience itself.  I know this journey is not meant to a luxurious one.  That was on reason I signed up for it.  I want to cross those lines of comfort.  I want to see how I change my attitude when shit hits the fan.  It will be a huge test of my willpower and mettle.  So my question for today is “If you’re not going to be in the moment, whether it’s miserable or delightful, tough or easy, and you’re constantly wanting to be in another time or place, what’s the point?  Is that a way life you find appealing?”  Embrace the suffer as well as the happiness.

This was around mile 44 of the Leadville 100 Trail Run. Probably the last time my legs felt good for the next 56 miles.